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Zero Debt!

One of our proudest achievements to date is, zero debts! Well, so we were told today. With the way we pay our staff and suppliers, we are lucky enough to be able to say that we have zero credit owing to anyone!

We didn't really think of this as much of a point to be honest, usually if we do our job better than our competitors we get all the business that we deserve. However, we just had a new customer come onboard today who researched us vs some of our competition, and decided that was the factor which made him decide we are the best, and we should advertise the fact more... so here we are .

To be fair, he did have a point. Most companies in this industry have folded due to either crappy workmanship or debts to suppliers. It's easy to do when running a weather based business that is both sales and marketing, along with trade labour.

So, always remember to run a credit check on the abn and director. We'll have to remember that advice next time we're shopping around as well

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