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  • Michael Clement

What makes a good install?

Unfortunately, that's not a simple answer as there are a lot of variables. Even, believe it or not, how nice you are to the installers upon arrival (never put a tradesman in a bad mood before beginning work)!

Here's an example below of a one to take an example from. This roof type is pretty much considered the worst to deal with. Looks great, but it is a total bugger as getting the feet down is a nightmare.

As you can see, this is perfectly level. This requires perfect rail adjustment, as all roofs start to bow after a while. Perfect mid and end clamp placement, so as not to put stress on the panel in storms, and often forgotten but extremely important, perfect roof placement for the aesthetics and rain runoff. All up, a 10 out of 10 for one of our recent customers 13.2kws.

And in summary, how important is the installation? Well, you can have all the best parts of a car, but they are unless assembled properly. Hope this helps someone today somehow.

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