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Well, Where To Even Start...

Our hearts go out to anyone affected by any one of the major events happening all around us at the moment.

We are still here, we are still working, and we won't be going anywhere. We will be out in force helping where we can when we can as well!

There has literally never been a tougher start to a year for any of us out there in the community, and, as a community, we will all get through this together! This crazy time has meant that many of our competitors have simply vanished, and we're hearing from many people chasing connections and deposits back from some of them. But, to be fair to some of them, there's more than just poor management at play here right now.

If you do need us, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to assist. But please understand that getting around is very difficult right now, so please consider personal safety for all of us when getting to your home. Amazing, so far we've only had one leaky roof which is actually incredible considering.

So once again stay safe everyone, and, once again, our thoughts go out to all the people affected by all the major catastrophes, both at home and around the world right now.

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