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Our office manager Kelly has been struck down with covid, whilst being pregnant, and has had to rush to the hospital in an emergency.

Kelly is a huge and integral part of our team, and we are nothing short of devastated to hear this news. She is fully vaxed, including recent boosters. However, as the Pfizer CEO recently announced, the vaccine appears to be useless against the latest strains.

We are still working, and we will do everything we can to help as soon as possible, but please be patient if we take longer than usual to respond.

Covid has ravaged our team in recent months, it's been the most challenging environment we've ever seen in our 12 years as a team to do business, but we will get through this as we always do.

Our love and thoughts to anyone affected by covid in any way shape or form, and to our dearest Kelly, our hearts are with you.

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