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The great stock crisis of 2021 until who knows when begins...

We're so sorry to have to say this. But, due to moves from the Chinese government to ban solar exports to the rest of the world (yes, you read that right), we are now facing possibly the worst stock shortage on record!

You may have read about power outages, factories being forced to shut or limit production, and, China wants to keep all the panels for themselves (and threatening war ) in recent days on the news. Well, it's all true. We really are sorry to have to break this news.

What does it mean? We will have to raise pricing immediately just to cover the huge surge in shipping costs. Also, we're as well placed as anyone due to our connections to be able to get the stock. But, when it's gone, it's gone, and this will be very soon.

Beware of any companies offering cheap pricing right now, it's impossible, and in previous years when similar, yet nowhere near as severe things have happened, many people paid for systems that never arrived...

We will honour our previous quotes, as we feel that's the way we would like to be treated. But please be aware we can only do this for a limited time as we have many contracts we also have to honour.

Hopefully, this all passes soon, and 2022 can be a great year ahead!

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