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Split cells vs standard panels, are they worth the extra money?

Well, without making it too complex, the short answer is, HELL YES!

Recently, we had a customer who was told that spilt cells aren't worth it, and that he needed "the cheapest panels because they all come from the same factory". Terrible advice, which to be honest is straight out fraud and should be reported to the police.

So, to make life easy for the average person, spilt cells are essentially two panels in one. The shorter bus bars on each cell allow the current to pass through quicker, which reduces heat, and in the process allows more power to get through. Even if you don't have shading issues, this means that during the peak sunlight hours, your panels are much more efficient at getting the energy produced in the cells out of them.

Yes, there are also many other benefits of spilt cell panels such as in shading, cloud cover and low light. But to make it simpler for anyone tossing up what to get, pay the extra for the split panels, they'll usually pay for themselves in the first few bills afterwards.

I hope this makes some of the whole "solar process" easier for you.

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