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It's time to thank our customers again!

We are truly so grateful for some of the people we get to meet. Obviously, this last week was a very challenging time for the community at large, and for us to write the amount of new business we did, particularly from referrals, just makes us overwhelmed with gratitude.

Seriously, you make all the tough days with bad weather and difficult sites worth every minute.

Due to this, our MD will be personally calling every customer from the previous week's installations on Wednesday of each week, to see if there are any questions or extra little bits of help we can offer to you. Our team is amazing and very thorough, but we feel it's important in this day and age to speak to the owner of the business and keep the relationships as tight as possible. After all, we don't exist without you. To be doing so well in such a challenging time, well we just couldn't be any more grateful.

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