• Michael Clement


Why are the larger solar companies in big trouble this year?

Well, it's very simple. Most of the larger companies sell very cheap systems and rely on volume. This is all well and good when the sun is shining, and states are not locked down! However, this model quickly will send you bankrupt if we have a wet year (this year has been the wettest in solar history) or you are not allower to install...

This problem becomes especially bad if you sell a 6.6kw below around $3700. The margins will be so thin that even small mistakes or patches of bad weather will topple you!

Yes, it's usually these reasons why cheaper, and larger companies, can't offer warranties that actually last lol.

Today, it was an absolute honour to be told by our wholesaler that we've been the most consistent company of the last 18 months. It's because we are smaller and nimble, not to mention the team's experience, as to why we are.

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