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Following up on systems performance!

In many ways, it's the most important, and by far, the least common part of a solar system purchase.

This week we will be inspecting a huge residential system that we installed nearly 4 years ago. Now, the system is performing perfectly, but the bills aren't matching the data. So, unfortunately for us, we have to spend money and find out why.

Now when you buy a solar system you'd think that was part of it right? Well, you're very, very mistaken.

For example, many very expensive solar companies promise follow-ups. Well, we can tell you from experience that we've worked with many of them over the years, and their lack of interest in customer installs after they had received the money was disgusting. Even worse, a huge part of the reason people spent extra money was for that extra assistance. Let's face it, most people don't understand solar and do need the odd pointer on how to best work with it. Or often, just to simply have some piece of mind and understand it.

Yes, helping after the sale doesn't make you rich, and it can be painful as often there is nothing wrong and it's just customer confusion as the tradesmen say. However, we as a team need the same assistance from other businesses in other industries, so we feel this part of the process is vital to the experience of putting solar on.

We have been attacked rather badly recently by what we thought was one competitor, but turned out there were a few who wanted to rubbish and attack our after-service as they couldn't compete with it. Disgusting yes, but it goes to show how the industry operates for many, unfortunately.

If you are one of our customers and ever have a question, please don't hesitate to get in contact to see how we can help. Even if we can't, we can always try. It's how we want to be treated when we buy from another company, so it's only fair.

Stay sunny people.

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