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Another commercial job, but a totally different setting!

Communal body corporates are another common kind of commercial system.

This particular building, the Professional Centre in Benowa, was organized by one of our repeat clients, and, for a few of our staff, their accountant, Mark Jamieson from Gold Coast Construction Accounting.

Mark is a well-known, and highly revered accountant on the Gold Coast, and when it comes to managing money well, there's a reason he's earned his reputation lol. So, when it came to doing both his personal home and his business, we were honoured to be able to do the job.

Now, this wasn't just any old job either. We sent Inger, whom many in the industry refer to as the most experienced assessor in the country to go over it with a fine-tooth comb.

Our regular boys didn't want to do it, as it required over a day's work of drilling through concrete, and was extra high set! So, instead of forcing them to do it, and doing a half-arsed job like so many do, we engaged another specialist installer, Scott, who we knew could get the job done to perfection.

So, if you need any assistance with your body corporate, or difficult installs the other's won't do, give us a call and we'll see if we can help.

If you need a top-level accountant, be sure to call Mark at Gold Coast Construction Accounting

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