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5 star reviews! Means the company is great, right...

Well, umm, no!

Fake reviews are a major issue in this industry. Let's face it, happy customers rarely leave reviews, and with something like solar, which very few people have a benchmark to go off as to what actually is a good experience, well, it's once in a blue moon.

Case in point: Eurosolar, probably the most infamous company in our industry's history had more good reviews than anyone. How so? Well anyone can create a fake profile and swamp a page with fake 5 stars. They were also a CEC retailer...

To be honest, I don't know of any quality trade companies that have more than about 30 reviews. That doesn't mean they're not out there, but good tradesman and staff don't need to bother. This week for an example, we had 7 referrals. That's roughly about 70% of our business. This isn't the case all the time no, but we maintain about 30% of our business from satisfied customers on average.

But, what if you don't do a good job? Well it's not always the case, but that's why you need to spend $5000 per year on being a CEC retailer (seriously this has become a benchmark of who to steer clear of rather than quality in most cases), and spend your days getting glowing reviews posted from fake accounts.

So the moral of the story? Good trade companies don't need to have all the extra sales bells and whistles, they let the IT work do the talking for them!

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