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Wifi monitoring

Why do we only recommend Growatts for certain properties? No, they're not magic or better than everything, but they have screens...

Because over the years, our combined experience of over roughly a million panels installed has shown us many things. One major thing is, Australia has shocking internet, there's a reason it's considered the worst in the Western World!

Because of this, we have watched many people spend a lot of money to see how their system is performing and get nothing for it.

Our director spent over 30 hours in September last year assisting a customer who needed multiple boosters, and several visits from installers and IT tech before the monitoring could be read. And he only needed the signal down a hill 20 meters away!

Yes, it was worth it in the end for him, and his 13.2kw system did need to be monitored. It was actually our fault in this instance for letting him choose a Sungrow, which had no screen, so we had to make sure it worked. But it's not always a happy ending.

Please listen when we advise you don't have the signal strength for solar monitoring. We're only trying to help, and we refuse to tell you what you want to hear, as it's not worth selling you a system you're just going to get mad about afterwards.

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