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Why do we recommend the products we do?

Qcells are leaving Australia! No, we didn't sell them. We did however have many an argument with a customer about this, but as it turns out, there was a reason.

We have been working together as a team since roughly 2010. And that's when we came together, not started in the industry. We've trained many, many people who are now major players in the industry over the years for example. And, as a result of this time, we have a wealth of knowledge that you just won't find elsewhere within the one company. We've learned when to hold them and fold them in this industry, which is especially important when it comes to products to sell.

Case in point, Qcells. Qcells was marketed, in particular through the expensive and technical trade-based companies, along with some sales ones, as a super premium product. We have had more problems with that panel than any other when it came to warranty claims and poor performance. During our years in the industry, they went broke and were brought out twice.

Because of this, we regularly had to tell customers that due to previous experience and quality control, we didn't feel comfortable selling it. We want our company to last for the next 50-plus years, so we need to make sure we sell products that we know will last the test of time.

And this is hard. Very hard actually. People read things in internet forums and become instantaneous experts these days. All while unaware that the person spruiking the information they are relying on has a vested interest in pushing that product. Unfortunately, many feel that pushing certain products makes them superior to others, or, as is often the case, they just don't understand sales and marketing and get sold themselves. They then pass this on to the customer, who is blissfully unaware, and "trusting an expert".

So, yes, we work with many different brands, nearly all of them in fact when it comes to panels and inverters. But, there are some that we simply will not. Please understand, that we're not trying to burst your bubble when we tell you our previous experiences, we're only trying to steer you through all the white noise so you get a suitable product. Unfortunately, good marketing and online reputations count for nothing in this day and age, so please listen when we say, you probably don't want that one.

The good news is, Qcells warranties will be honoured by their parent company moving forward. Hopefully, this is the case and not just a PR stunt to help manage their exit. Time will tell.

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