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Quality. What is it? And how is it achieved?

Recently, we saw a claim from a well-known and popular online solar and electrical company. Their claim to fame was they had so much more quality due to having over 20 tradespeople in their team of various descriptions. Now, that's all well and good, but we have personally worked with nearly all of those staff mentioned, many we even trained years ago. And, unfortunately, many weren't exactly what you would call good at their job.

This brought up why we have the unique model that we do. Over the years, we found having tradesmen as staff members wasn't usually a positive thing. In fact, with many companies that we worked with, we saw all sorts of crazy things. From people not caring about the jobs they did due to having no comeback on them to rampant criminality and drug use. Which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the trade world. And one bad team member often could influence the entire staff!

It was for this very reason that we created the model that we did. The best installers we ever saw didn't sell systems. They worked on them.

They certainly didn't spend their days working on marketing campaigns and trying to sound like gods in online forums. They were too busy getting it done.

Another important factor that we learned was the guys who do come out and do the installation themselves, just don't have the cash flow and/or time to sort issues. They were too busy trying to get another job in the door, meaning their previous customers always came last.

Now, we have to stress, we are not perfect, and nor are our partners. However, we do at least have everyone on site accountable. And, due to our size and business model, we can make sure that if someone doesn't do the right thing, we can fix it and deal with the problem away from our customers. Meaning that they don't go through the stress of a tradie battle (if you've ever been in one, I'm sure you understand exactly what we mean).

So, it is for that very reason we have a maximum of two teams, and we cap our work. We don't work with large commercial systems that can easily send us broke if something goes wrong, and we don't take on builders' work or government projects due to the risk. We just stay small and specialized in what we do, and try and perfect our craft.

This seems to be a commonly discussed topic, hopefully, it's helped shed some light on the solar process for you today, and some of the variables involved with getting a quality solar system.

Stay sunny everyone.

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