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What sort of savings should solar give me?

Well, it varies, and there are a lot of factors that these variables are dictated by.

To cut all the crap, and to take away some long-winded answers that no one bar NASA scientists can follow, we generally say $100 per kw in the areas we operate.

Yes, we've had better savings than that, and also seen far worse. But as a general rule, that will help you understand the rough performance you should be seeking if you don't have major shading!

Also, please remember an important factor when looking at your bills. Summer average is around 42kws per day for most of our 6.6kw systems, and 26kw is the average in winter. Good news for Australians, as our bills are mostly largest in the summer months when the aircon has to work harder.

Please see an example below from a standard google search. This bill was for a 5kw system according to the supporting article. For privacy reasons, you can't see certain details, but it allows you to see the before and after savings, with the effect of a feed-in tariff contributing when the household made more power than what it was using.

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