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What separates good and bad solar companies? Here's one example of what separates us from the pack!

Our admin manager, Kelly, had to spend hours on the phone on hold to Energex the other day. She's actually had to do it 3 times this week! This took up around a quarter of her working week to give you an idea...

Why? As we come into summer, the sheer amount of solar pumping back into the grid swells the powerlines. When this happens, your inverter will show up an error code like the one below.

At many companies we've worked within the past, we had to chase up, over and over again, the admin and the installer to get the problem rectified. Unfortunately, this doesn't bring in any money. And many, many companies just put it in the too-hard basket, and ignore the customer hoping they'll give up (which most do).

However, that's not the main kicker here... the sad part is that it's actually the grids fault, not your inverter or solar installer. Which means, they don't actually have to help you.

If the grid is not operating as per its standards, then it technically becomes a government issue. They will fix the problem, but you'll need to provide evidence as to why it's happening, and that will need to come from your installer. If you didn't go through the right company, well, you'll have a very expensive roof ornament.

Hope this helps some people make the right decision, and understand what you're actually looking for when doing solar.

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