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What is a quote?

A quote is when someone comes out and actually inspects your property and prepares a site report on what is required. Then gives you a final price. If this does not happen, you don't have a quote.

Recently we've seen a bombardment of people thinking they have quotes for us to match. Most of the time, it's either an email with a price guide on it, which often changes by roughly 50 % to 100% more expensive. Or, even worse, it's a snippet of some advertising.

Please do not get angry at us for others misleading you. We understand how frustrating it is, and we are on your side, so please don't get upset that someone else misleads you.

To give examples, we've seen so many things which aren't possible recently it's actually scary. Things like battery setups of 3.3kws. All is well and good until you read the fine print and realize you actually need 10kws of existing batteries. Otherwise, the offer is Nullinvoid and they keep your deposit. Yes, this is highly unethical, but it is legal. Please read the fine print, and have an understanding of what you are actually buying. Renewables do work and work well. But, only if you buy them properly. Unfortunately, that part is up to you. Don't get burned by dodgies. Do it right and let your panels get burned by the sun instead.

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