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Well, It Was Always Coming

And it's just going to get a lot worse.

South East Queensland no longer has ridiculously cheap bills compared to the rest of the country. As you can see, the peak rates are now at 36 to 39 cents, and that's plus GST. Many of you have literally just come off rates in the low 20s, so for many, bills could nearly double. Just what we need at a time of record inflation... NOT!

It's not fair. And yes, we feel your pain. Unfortunately, not every house can utilise solar as well. Those homes will be worth much less than those that can in the future, so it might be time to look at moving while it's not yet a general rule among real estate agents (though that is changing quickly out there).

So, what's the lesson here you ask besides just spreading fear and doom? Energy usage will be very different, and much more important, in the future. Keeping in mind, they are planning on phasing out petrol within the next 10 years. Batteries aren't the solution yet, but you can add extra panels to help with the increases. It's not perfect, but it's the best option available at this point in time. Hopefully, we've helped someone feel a little bit better out there.

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