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We Love Our Customers and Refferals! ❤️

Well, it's with so much joy that we write this today, and that joy comes from our customers and refferals. Seriously, we actually love you, lol. But we're not joking, and here's why.

We have started the year, completely inundated with refferals. Seriously, around 90% of our new business this year is from refferals, with some outstanding feedback about the team, and the process from go to woe.

Now, this is what gets us through such a tough industry. We don't always get it right, but we aim very highly to do so. At the moment, we are working as such a well oiled machine that everything seems to be going right for us, and customers are telling us, most of the time, that we have created the best experiences they've had with any business in a long while. And, especially one which involves tradesmen coming to their property.

We have worked very hard to achieve this, and it is also the reason why we must remain small and specialise in what we do. Getting people to work to this level on all aspects takes a huge amount of time and effort to achieve. But, like any great team, we're on an amazing role and feel so blessed to be in the position we are.

So thanks again to you all, we have many gift vouchers coming soon! Remember, we offer $100 voucher per customer per refferal. Hopefully, we can earn your praise and give you a voucher in the future.

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