• Michael Clement

We Have Another Award!

Many thanks to the world's No1 (and the biggest panel manufacturer in history based on their current size) Longi. Even though we don't try to be a big company in terms of our volumes, our consistency has allowed us to be one of their top 3 retailers of 2021!

To be honest, it's pretty much a given for a company to sell Longi products. There's not really anything that's in their league these days. Yes, there are some great panels out there, but value for money, and, not to mention, all the records for performance, etc. Also, Longi is currently the only company operating in Australia that has an actual office in this country, not just a virtual one like all the others... This meant that during the great stock crisis of 2021, we really only had a couple of weeks of a supply issue. Some companies are at, wait for it, 11 months lead time to install.

We are extremely thankful to be recognized for our excellence, and we really didn't see it coming. Special thanks to all involved, including our wonderful suppliers.

As usual, please excuse our Director's beard, but it's a lot better than looking at his chin!

So welcome back, we look forward to seeing everyone this year. And, for anyone currently affected by this health crisis, our thoughts are with you!

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