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Warranty Claims.

This year we've only had 1 inverter fail! Never in my life did I think they would get to that level, but that is very good news.

Usually companies don't discuss topics like this, and from a sales perspective it's probably not the best idea, but I do think it's important that people are aware of failure rates and what can potentially go wrong. Just about all electronic components have a 1% failure rate no matter the product, but Sungrow this year had only been 0.6% according to the manufacturer.

In years gone by, there were inverters sold that had failure rates over 90%, and others that simply wouldn't work due to grid voltage straight out of the box.

However times do change, and in this day and age if you go for one of the big four, ABB, SMA, Fronius and Sungrow then you will most likely get a good system. There are also some notable mentions, such as Hauwei who seem to have a great product, but we haven't installed enough of them just yet to make an informed decision on how they will last, so stay tuned!

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