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Facebook advertising... in recent times one of the biggest problems in the industry.

Why is that you ask? Well it allows idiots who otherwise couldn't buy leads to get naive customers.

First the price, at that rate there's literally no money in it whatsoever. Usually, this means you'll be hit with extras by someone who won't do a site inspection. Unfortunately, you cannot get qualified people to work at that price, pure and simple. And this isn't picking fruit, it's a power station on your home, it's not something to skimp on! Pink Batts anyone?

Secondly, to use a photo of someone standing on a panel during installation for advertising is just lunacy, plain and simple. If that's how you rope customers in, well, you can only imagine how bad it could get once you've paid your deposit. You'll definitely need our fix up service in the future!

Best to get couple of quotes and avoid this being your home.

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