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Today, we are going to show you a little something

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It's not a side of the industry that people promote, and it's never, as far as I'm aware, been shown by any company yet from their own job. However, it's probably the most important aspect to the customer, what happens if something goes wrong?

Case in point, this manhole below. This is actually one of our jobs, and it's something that every homeowner needs to be aware of. Human error.

One of our boys slipped slightly as he was coming out of a manhole. It happens, humans make mistakes, and tradesmen working in difficult areas do it all the time. But what happens afterward is the most crucial.

Some companies pretend nothing has happened. We've been at companies before where people sent legal letters rather than tradesmen if a customer dares complain. In the situation below they would have fought tooth and nail to stop a bad review from being posted, instead of just getting someone to fix the problem and leave everyone happy (be especially cautious if a company has had their review section removed, red flag). Our two fake negative reviews came from a company in which we helped a customer get their home sorted. The said company vowed, "we will get you for this". All they had to do was organize a painter after the poor customer had a roof leak. You can see now why our people wanted to band together and cut out some of the crap!

But back to the original topic, this manhole was fixed within 24 hours. The customer is now very happy and has given us a referral as we stuck to our word.

It's not hard, and it should be simple, yes, but human error, and the denial of responsibility afterward, during installation is our industry's biggest problem.

Always keep it in mind when selecting your installer. You're not just buying a car, you're buying the piece's and choosing who puts it together!

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