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To battery or not to battery?

To quote Shakespeare, that is thy question.

In recent times, batteries have become a hot topic. To be fair, they have been for years. But, with the recent increases, not to mention the future ones in electricity costs, they are now starting to make sense for people.

Now, we've resisted them when asked for most people, as they simply don't have the usage or need. It's rather easy to minimize your nighttime load these days, and, simply by using large appliances on timers or through virtual activation you can shift your load. And, that's not taking into account so many of us work from home now!

But one recent change has dumped things on their head. Many insurers now go off the cycles of the battery for cover, not the warranty. Now there is a catch. You will need to check yourself with your policy, as they are all different (even from the same insurer). Please never assume you're covered (more on that in other posts). If you are covered for cycles then by all means, batteries make sense!

For example. If you have a 10-year guarantee but have 5,000 cycles, then you have a lifespan of 13.69 years. This means not only will you pay off the battery within its lifetime, but you'll also have many years of free power. We'll leave the maths out of this post as sometimes people get confused by it. But, to make things simple and understandable in all this renewable jargon, it's now making sense to go batteries.

Here is an example of an existing customer of ours doing a battery retrofit. A wonderful customer of Inger's who recently spent $20k retrofitting a 12.6kw sungrow system. These stackable batteries are further upgradeable if necessary, and will provide amazing savings, and talking points, for the home.

Finally, the future appears to be here with battery tech. It's just a shame it took sky-high energy prices to finally make them worthwhile.

Hope we've helped a little today for whoever is reading this and hopefully, made the future a little less confusing!

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