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This 19.8kw, 11 degree pitched commercial system is the stuff that dreams are made of

Well it's a good thing the team at DMC are known for their workmanship, because as photographer's, well the boss anyway, there's no way I'd trust him with my wedding shots.

But for a large commercial system, well, there's no question in who to go to!

Even though the photo's are as tbr Germans would say, shizenhousen, this 19.8kw of East and West, 11 degree pitched commercial system is the stuff that dreams are made of. With longi split cell black frame mono percs, and the new "everybody's favourite" Sungrow 15kw 3 phase inverter with wifi monitoring, there really isn't another product combination that comes close right now in terms of value for money.

And if you are looking for a great value pet store, be sure to check out Acacia Pet Produce in Willawong. Lovely staff, lovely animals and as of now, no carbon footprint or powerbills😀😀🥳🥳😎.

It's meant to be with DMC!

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