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The great energy crisis of 2022!!!

We've been speaking with so many people in recent weeks who are very scared for the future. The headlines, for once anyway, are actually true. We are in for pain unlike we can actually fathom for a multitude of reasons when it comes to the world's energy supply.

So why is it so bad?

Well, for Australia anyway, we have easily the most difficult country in the world to supply power to. Our large, and extreme land mass, coupled with a small population, means people in Tasmania, and yes, I'm serious, actually use power generated by QLD solar system owners. Yes, we have also had a lot of political mismanagement on both sides of the coin, but so has every country in recent years.

And why is that so bad you ask? Well, power dissipates the further the distance. For example, if you need to run power over 100 meters and you have standard 6mm cabling, your system won't work due to too much voltage loss. Think of it as water, it can't just be pushed through a space that's not big enough, and will naturally evaporate over a distance.

So, what will the future hold? Well back when I entered the industry some 15 years ago now, and power prices were 7.8 cents a kw (which are now more like 32 cents plus in the same areas) I was told that Australia would have to bring in aircon units that could be turned off remotely by the government or infrastructure owner on hot days. The concept seemed crazy, but became totally normal and even incentivized when buying an aircon unit within a matter of years. Now, they have adopted the same process around the world, with a Canadian recently telling me his experience of his heating turning off due to grid pressure.

Electrical usage will probably be something we watch and have to work around in the future. Similar to driving your car on the road, you'll have to wait your turn to use power when it is suitable. You won't just be able to do the washing when it's convenient. Doesn't sound very fun, but nonetheless is a factor of life. We have such an electrical society these days.

Yes, solar and batteries are great, but it's also concerning for those who live in homes that can't do solar, or even worse, the unit dwellers of the country. Solar is amazing yes, but not if you don't have a roof!

Hopefully, a saviour comes along for those who can't benefit. But at this stage anyway, it doesn't look good. If you do have solar and have monitoring hooked up, then it's probably a good idea to start interfacing and learning your system asap. We are here to help with this, it's why we started as a business. Please let us try and help if we can. Even if we only help 5 people, it's better than nothing.

Take care out there and beware of companies advertising a price. There are no cheap systems or workmanship left out there at the moment, and if you can't see that as a red flag you could be scammed very badly.

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