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Smart meters. What the actual 🤬 are they?

One of the most common questions we get is how smart meters work. People often get told lots of different things when getting their quotes, and unfortunately, they often receive incorrect information.

Essentially, all theybare is a digital meter with some extra capabilities. Such as remote reading (though they have to be nearby to do so) and different time of use tariffs. Which, by the way, are. Not to be confused with offpeak tariffs that are hard wired.

Are they good or bad? Well, they are neither. They are just different. And they are the way that things will eventually be dome across the country. Regardless of if you have solar or not.

Below is an example from one of our teams' homes. It shows the kws pulled from the grid vs. what is feedback and offers this wonderful breakdown on their app, which in this case is with AGL.

Here, this shows a bill in credit from a 5.75kw system installed back in 2016. It has Jinko 250 poly panels and a solax hybrid inverter (one of the original ones which had a shocking base model, but the hybrid worked well) whcih means it has the potential to not only add batteries but also go completely off grid if required.

It's not at the standard that today's systems with mono-perc bi-facial split cells are today no, but is still a solid system and had never missed a beat. The bills in this property prior to going solar were around the $600 per quarter mark, and the smart system monitoring below is a great insight into how a system properly performed should work.

Hopefully, this will help a few of you out there when doing your research and make solar a little simpler.

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