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Referrals are our lifeblood...

...and in a lot of ways, one of the reasons we are so much more consistent than many of our competitors.

Every now and then we get a customer that refers multiple people, who go on to refer others. Sometimes, these people are business owners, and we have found that generally, they run great businesses themselves as customer service is a similar focus for them.

In particular, Wayne Kinch, one of Inger's customers and the owner of Ultra Tune Carindale. We have sent customers his way when they have asked for recommendations, and we have had nothing but glowing praise.

We believe in times like this we should help promote local businesses that are doing the right thing, who share similar values to ourselves, and who care about their customers.

So please, if you are in the area and need a mechanic, give them a try and support those who support the community. We're all stronger together!

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