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Power purchase agreements

They're rearing their heads again. Are they worth it? Or a lock-you-in scam?

The first piece of advice I give to family and friends regarding them is, run! And, even worse, if you get the company to do your system as well, you may as well just donate thousands to your local magician. You'll get a better return on investment at least!

Over the years we have seen many people lock themselves into, often illegal, power purchase agreements. Including one team member years ago...

We've seen people's bills double due to what the retailers said were "technical issues", "inflated usage " and wonderful things like faulty inverters and wiring ending up being charged to the customer. We've also seen people threaten legal action and at the 11th hour, have been magically released from their contract, rather than have a magistrate read through terms and conditions!

Look, this doesn't mean there's not a great one out there, but we haven't seen it. If we do, we will let you know, and we will push it.

So, in summary, stick to standard deals and systems for now. Trying to make money out of battery feed-in tariffs and magical time-of-use tariffs hasn't been a success for anyone we have known. Maybe you'll be the first, but the odds aren't in your favour from where we sit.

Hope this helps you

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