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One Company Only!

Updated: Feb 16

Our people have been together for a long time now, some of us 10 or more years together. But, one thing we can proudly say is, we only work for 1 company and 1 company only!

Now, why are we posting this you ask? Well, it's starting to become normal practice for people to own and work for multiple companies at once, and in many cases, the same owner plays his companies off against each other. But the customer searching around for the best deal, well, he ends up getting 10 quotes, and all of them are the same people.

Case in point, the companies in the photo below. They are all owned by the same Indian parent company and include Sunboost, the one that Alan Border is an ambassador for. It's beginning to become such a common practice in our industry that a customer this morning said we must make mention of it as he found another entity that had 16 ABNs with the same, or similar name.

Keep in mind this is just one example, and this example is only the companies that this Indian based entity owns outright.

So next time you get multiple quotes, make sure they are not all owned and run by the same people!

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