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Negatives can turn into positives, so long as people are reasonable and fair with each other.

Something that's missing in this day and age...

Case in point, recently we had our first ever genuine negative review. To be fair to us, we actually had done nothing wrong, and it was the customer's confusion, not our actions that resulted in this.

We sent a tech out on 3 separate occasions and had many phone calls and emails back and forth. However, rather than ignoring them, we went out to the site, for the fourth time no less, and finally got everyone happy. So impressed was the neighbour that we even got a referral from it (it's also worth noting that he was a referral as well)!

Now, this is where so many businesses go wrong. Usually, when a customer is being unreasonable or not understanding, they are either ignored or even worse, abused. This author has personally experienced this in the past, and this is one of the main reasons we run our company the way we do (it was particularly bad at many of the electrical companies we used to work with as they had no idea about customer service and consumer rights, but that's another story). Sometimes, things that are designed for everyone, and do work with everyone, might not work for a specific customer. Sometimes you need to think outside the box, to get the right solutions for the situation at hand.

For us to be dynamic like this, we need to not be too big, and we need an experienced team that can assist when things get difficult. A very rare trait in this day and age, and to be blunt, our main point of difference from all our competitors.

So here is Stephen, once again a friend of DMC’S, standing next to his inverter with some fine workmanship from Aaron and the boys. We still can proudly say we've never had a real bad review!

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