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Meterboxes. Boring.

Yes, they are a frustrating situation, however, they are important for the safety, and connection of solar to your home.

Where things get tricky, is what makes a meterbox pass the bar when it comes time to upgrade or rewire your meter.

Generally, if you only have to rewire your meter you won't have any issues, though we must stress that's only the case most of the time!

And, here comes the hard part, the tradesmen's interpretation of the rules.

You see, Energex, or Ausgrid, or whoever the owner of the grid actually is, doesn't do the connection themselves. They subcontract to your energy provider, who then subcontracts to another company, who often subcontracts to another company. Just like Chinese whispers, the message of what is actually required to be done can vary greatly.

Case in point, last week we had two installs on the same street, and both had totally different experiences with getting connected, even though their houses, and meterboxes, were identical. The poor customers couldn't believe that standards varied so much, however, that's just the way it goes and we have to live with it.

So, in summary, please listen to what we tell you regarding your meterbox. Yes, you may have been told differently by others, but we are here to make sure your system gets connected and your solar experience is as smooth as possible.

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