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We only had one during the floods! Yes, it's a shame we had one, but also rather incredible considering how much rain came down. And, we must add, the leak wasn't our fault!

It's our worst fear pretty much, and we do everything we can to avoid them. However, they do happen, and when they do we make sure they are fixed asap and everyone is happy. In fact, we actually haven't had one that was a fault of the installer in recent times, yet we fixed them anyway.

Please see the photo below. This tile was at the top of the roof, in a spot where there was no solar, and we hadn't walked on. The roof was older and had a cracked tile that we repaired on the day and made a note of it.

Despite this, when the customer said we had a leak, Aaron and his team went straight back and repaired it again.

Yes, we didn't have to, and we probably shouldn't have. But, that same customer has now given us 3 referrals, so it's sometimes worth it as far as we're concerned.

If you do have cracked tiles such as the customer below, please talk to us as we can help, and can stop it from turning into a major issue in the future.

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