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Insurance and Big Companies Warranties in Solar

Due to legislation, insurers must include solar in your home and contents. However, some of them sure don't make it easy.

A recent story by ACA show light on an ASIC finding of the Insurance industry. Shockingly, to this author personally as well, RACQ came out the worst. And by a long shot! Please see the link here and photos below.

Now, this is a real worry. Insurers battling off customers rather than doing what they are paid for. We realise that insurance is also a business, but why have it if they just find inventive new ways to get out of payouts?

Furthermore, we have seen this practice with large retailers a lot in the past in solar. However, in recent times, they're really ramping that up now. Getting a warranty processed by some is nearly impossible!

So, how do you protect yourself? Well, make sure you let your insurer know you have solar immediately. Like you would with any new purchase. If heaven forbid you do have a reason to claim, then don't back down if they make life hard. Sometimes you have to stand your ground.

Yes, it's not fair, but this is the best way to handle such an unfortunate unforeseen circumstance. The good news is, if the system is installed properly, these instances are rare.

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