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Inflation, Inflation, and sadly, more Inflation!

Solar prices are starting to surge dramatically! Be careful out there with anything sub $5000, And if it's sub $4000, you're actually getting paid to put on a system, as that's below costs.

Yes, just like everything else solar is starting to surge in price right now. Every part of the system has to increase in price, just based on commodities costs alone. Never mind the shipping and supply chain crisis on top of it all!

And, to make matters worse, huge amounts of overseas scammers are swamping the industry just trying to get any victims who are silly enough to think the quote of $2000 cheaper than everyone else is legit (to be fair, after seeing all the price increases and inflation across the board, if you fall for these scams then shame on you, you've had plenty of warnings).

The only plus side is with power bills surging the way they are, and they have a long way to go, particularly in places like QLD, it won't take long to pay them off!

So, if you are serious about sorting your energy supply, or, if heaven forbid, you've just ordered an electric car, don't leave it too long before getting solar sorted. Don't rush, just be aware, and don't dilly around or wait to paint your kitchen.

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