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If you only do one thing today, you need to read this...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE shop around for the best power deal. This morning, a customer who we are assisting, was told they could have a 24 cent feed in tariff for their home in Northern NSW.

They liked the sound of this, but wanted to shop around and see what else was out there. After half an hour or so, they decided that they would proceed with the 24 cent feed in, and called the company back to set it up. Upon doing so however, they had a rude, yet common reality check of just how crazy businesses in Australia can be, despite all our checks and balances we supposedly have with fair-trade, the ACCC etc. They were told there was no such deal. Now this customer wasn't just anyone, and knew how the system worked. They asked them to play back the recording, to which they said they would. After placing him on hold for 15 minutes, he was hung up on. Undeterred, they called back again, much more determined this time to get what they wanted. They were told that he hadn't spoken to anyone that morning, and there was no recording!

Exasperated, they called us for help. We gave some helpful tips on what to say and low and behold, he magically ended up speaking to the original person who set up the original deal.

Long story short, make sure you speak with us, and shop around, before you settle in on any deal.

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