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How loud is an inverter?

Can it be next to my bedroom?

Well, the short answer is they all vary a little, and some will present more problems than others in this regard. One company even famously includes a set of ear muffs when buying a Fronius (which have been nicknamed the hummers in our industry). However, as they all run during daylight hours unless you're a light sleeping shift worker, then you should be fine. Also, they tend to increase in volume during the peak of the day when they are working their hardest.

Here is a video with the sound of an inverter in our developing showroom. This inverter is not from a brand we like to work with and is generally sold by companies that sponsor sports people. In particular, cricketers... though, to be fair, this one seems okay and is working fine.

This is a 10 kW inverter with 13.2kws worth of panels (though it has been wired interestingly and doesn't hit 10kws of production, we'll cover that separately). It's inside a garage with average ventilation and does struggle to burn off its heat. To put it into context, it's roughly just under half as loud as a vacuum.

We hope this helps you understand the process and products of solar just a little bit more without any vested interests like are often found on internet forums.

Please note, there is also a car going past in this video. Please don't get confused.

Check the link below to see a video of just how "loud" they are.

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