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Happy New Year everyone!

We hope everyone was lucky enough to have a great break and is feeling refreshed.

We do, unfortunately, have to start with some sad news. Many people, including ourselves and our office, were smashed by the tornado Christmas storm. It has been an incredibly trying time for so many, and it's been nothing short of heartbreaking to see what it's done to some of our customers. Some of them lost power for weeks and had their homes destroyed. To be honest, the worst-case scenario happened. No one saw that coming for the power grid.

Amazingly, we didn't lose one panel or have any damage to any of our systems. However, some customer's homes were destroyed.

We will do our best to assist however we can during this difficult time. Yes, finally as of today the grid has been rebuilt and the lights are back on, but the rebuild will take many years to complete.

On a personal note, we lost our 32-year-old Frangipani tree which was smashed into the house, but got very lucky considering. Probably the only positive is the tree did block a lot of western sun, so our solar system's performance has increased since. A small consolation.

But life goes on, and so must we. It will be another very busy year for our industry, and as usual, we will be here every step of the way.

Have a sunny day everybody.

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