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Feed in tariffs!

Please, please, please shop around. They are so important for so many of you!!! Especially those with smaller usage or bigger systems.

Currently, AGL, who we are not affiliated with and never will be, has 15 cents and a good usage rate. But, keep your eyes peeled as this changes all the time!

And, these are the parts of solar that are just as important as your panels and installation. You need to make sure you have good usage rates and feed-in tariffs to ensure you maximize your system.

Yes, this can be a pain. This author works in the industry, and even then, has to psych himself up to sit on the phone and make the changes. And he knows better, yet still can procrastinate on this. So, we totally understand why our customers don't shop around more. But trust us, it's imperative you do so.

So, in summary, please get the best deal you can find. And, if you are on a lower tariff, know you're not locked in and are free to leave at any time! There are laws against them doing so.

Have a sunny day everybody in the DMC family!

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