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Feed in tariffs...

One of the most important aspects of solar is getting the right deal for your usage. Please, if you are one of our customers, call us and let us help if we haven't already, as this is crucial to maximizing your return on investment.

There are many great deal out there at the moment for solar customers. They vary greatly depending on your state and area, but always remember these important facts when getting the right deal for you.

Big bills = best usage tariff and making sure your load is being utilized during daylight hours. Get the lowest cost for electricity and the closest rate for your feed in tariff to what you pay per kw.

Using this scenario we have seen a $1178 bill turn into $41 with a 6.6kw system. A truly amazing saving and 1 year RPU (but please remember this is the high end of the scale, not everyone should expect this).

Small bills = the highest feed in tariff possible as you want to maximize the credit returns from your bill. Using this scenario we have seen $3154 credit from a 6.6kw system

Once again, this is best case scenario so don't budget that for your own returns!

As we are not a big corporation we spend time on these things with our people, so please make sure to let us assist you with the process. But, if you are not one of our customers, well, hopefully this can help you get the best bang for your buck!

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