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Difficult roofs

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We recently did a terracotta roof with 9, yes 9 different sections. To add to the absurdity of it all, it was also a double story, and, a former prize home! There was literally only one guy who could do it, and it took 3 days...but it brought up an important conversation at our recent business meeting. When will an inverter hit the market that has the durability of a standard string inverter, but the ability to face 3 separate ways.

Usually, Goodwee is not a brand we work with, as they are at the bottom of the price range and, in years gone by anyway, had a few warranty issues.

However, times do change, and we have to acknowledge this new product and the benefits it brings, particularly to smaller, more difficult roofs. But for most, the main benefit will be the ability to capture all hours of sunlight, from dusk till dawn.

One of the features I particularly am found of, is the low startup voltage, which is common among the premium brands. Low start up voltage means miminal light will still see the system working, perfect for those early mornings and late afternoons, as well as rainy days when the UV is lower. Features like this are usually the reasons why you must pay that bit extra for a premium inverter, to get the long term gains.

Overall, so far so good. It seems to be, from our early inclinations anyway, a solid unit and a good option for customers who require it moving forward.

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