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Designing a System vs Installing It

Why good companies have to keep a close eye on their tradesmen!

No matter how well a system is designed, and how much better it works this way, will it guarantee that the tradesman on the day will do it.

And this problem becomes especially large when there is an easier option. Let's be real for a minute. If they get paid the same either way or even if it's similar, why the hell would they spend twice the time on your job!

Case in point, today we saw a job done by a one-man band sparky. For his own property no less! To say he took the easy way out was an understatement. He had cost himself at least 40% of his production and he couldn't even care. Upon pressing him, he had never even seen a system after it was installed on the first bill. What else can you say to that?

We've seen this time and time again over the years, and it's the reason why I'd say half the time your better going with some solar salesman rather than a local sparky. Unfortunately, no matter what licenses and experiences someone may have, it doesn't guarantee anything! Speak at length to your chosen company, and get a gut feel for whether they know their stuff or not. If you have time, ask to see it!

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