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Cheap inverters...🙄

Unfortunately they do not work very well with the Australian power grid. Anyone who knows anything about electricity will not offer you one, and anyone who has their own teams such as ourselves will walk away from the work rather than cause a headache for years to come!

But, that's not the only issue to worry about when choosing a system. Anyone who doesn't care about the above facts will usually have workmanship standards such as the above.

No, you don't have to pay a high price for good workmanship, but the guys who are in demand don't have to work for free. We see jobs like this everyday in our service arm.

Don't be a victim, spend a couple of hundred more and do electrical works properly. It actually is cheaper in the long run!

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Our installs are done By Hand-picked, exclusive to DMC only, CEC accredited installers Under these license​s:
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