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Can't get a battery quote?

Or, got one, went ahead with it, then the installer rocked up and said no way?

This week we assisted a man with very complex battery requirements. He had gotten multiple quotes along the way. Most of them didn't even end up sending the quotes and simply didn't get back to him. Of the ones who did, however, no one had quoted him a system that was even possible to install.

To top it off, he went ahead with one, from a large well-known company, who showed up to install and said it wouldn't work, and drove off. He still hasn't received his deposit back (it was a tv advertiser who claimed to be one of the biggest in Australia but the company is actually from India).

And, that brings us to our point. Batteries, and everything that goes with them, are much harder to do than just solar by itself. And, to make it worse, most installers are not battery licensed, and it's actually a totally different animal from regular installations.

The two teams that we work with aren't. If we do a battery install, we have a specialist who we work with, and, even though he is expensive, actually knows how they work, he is obsessed with what's on the market and getting it right. To be honest, he's a tech fruit loop but actually has field experience! Without him, and his tried and tested knowledge along with our own, we wouldn't sell them. They're too much trouble otherwise.

We don't always agree with Choice, but their recent battery article is very spot-on with what to look for. You need to stick with the major brands and choose someone who can tell you what you need on the day of quotation, and actually stick with it. If it changes, well, that's your first red flag that old mate hasn't done their research.

Hope this helps a little. It's a tough thing to do yes, but batteries can be very rewarding when done right. Especially as power increases at the rate it is!

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