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Can I install solar panels if I'm in a body corporate? The answer is a big fat yes! Provided, however, that the roof you want to install on is yours. If not, then you will need special approval.

In 2010, laws were passed which prevent body corporates from being able to stop you from putting panels on your roof. This applies to both solar PV and hot water and means that if you do have a nasty person on the board, who doesn't like the look of them, they can't stop you from installing them on your personal roof.

This is a common question, and one of the most legitimate excuses anyone can have regarding why they still haven't gone solar. All of our team have had a least one person they've had to assist, that's president refused to allow them. But, rest assured, it is your right to do so.

Please see a copy of the QLD building code below. The final paragraph explains that these laws supersede any previous convents in your body corp agreements. Even if they were made before 2010 they are now obsolete to prevent you from having panels.

Hope this helps anyone considering going solar on dealing with a difficult board.

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