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Big news!

We have an exclusive deal with a retailer for our customers, with 15 cents feed-in tariff and wonderful rates and discounts!!!

This is also open to our existing customers, so if you have used our services, remember to pick up the phone and let us help you!

Please note, this is a special deal we worked out with a retailer for our customers, as over the past 18 months, in particular, the retailer noticed our average in volume, yet very consistent, and most importantly, very informed customers.

They noticed that when we referred someone to them, they were far more aware of what to ask for, and what to say. According to the retailer, and, most of our customers, our competitors weren't even discussing that part with them!

So, if you made the right choice and went with us lol, and you're not completely satisfied with your current deal, then please give us a call ASAP!

Please note this is not available to customers without our assistance. If we didn't do your system, we can't help you. Sorry.

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