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Are we just an electrical company?

Hell no! We are specialist in solar!

Over the years, we've had literally hundreds of different install teams we worked with at other companies. After all has been said and done, we ran off with the two best...

But what's wrong with being just an electrician you ask?

Well, customer service and professionalism seem to disappear with many companies after the install. Many owner operator electrician's are great, until something goes wrong. Some of them take it personally, others just want return to a site that doesn't pay them to do so. It's a common mentality among tradesman as their work is very hard, you can't really blame them. But, either way, the customer gets left high and dry.

We found over the years, that no one seems to care about the customers in the same way as the people who built that initial relationship. Many of our customers remain in contact with our staff, and we feel this is a crucial element to doing business in this day and age.

When we worked for many electrician only companies back in the day, we found that they just didn't approach customer service the way we did. It wasn't necessarily that they were bad people, but rather had different standards of how to do it right then we did. If someone has a problem then they should be priority no1. To us, that's common business sense.

It's that attitude that sets us apart, and the reason why we seem to have the industries highest referral rate.

So are electrician owner operators bad, no.

Do they have our level of customer service though? You'll notice from the first welcome call the difference in us.

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