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And We Have A Winner.

A huge congratulations to Sue Clement, and to DMC itself, for winning the Heart of Australia Awards for outstanding service to the community.

As we've previously said, Sue, pictured here with Inger, and a person with a ginger beard who moonlights as our Director is the best in the business. Even people who don't buy with us will tell you that they thoroughly enjoyed talking with her and that her knowledge of solar is unrivaled!

We regularly get around 5 emails per week saying how amazing she was, often from people who aren't even ready to buy yet. But, after speaking to Sue, then to our competitors, they feel they need to inform us just how much more informative, and positive, she was than the others. Sue has always worked so hard to keep everyone happy, and it's truly wonderful to see her efforts being rewarded.

As a company, well, some companies use discounts and specials to win their customers. Some pay huge money for celebrities who have no idea or interest in solar to tell you how great they are. For us, the industry and community awards are far more important. We truly are humbled, and it really feels like this is so much more than just a business to us all. It's our lives!

Many thanks to Rotary International, and special thanks to Inger and her wonderful partner JP for all the additional assistance with the awards process. We have no words to describe our gratitude.

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