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All this different gear, all these quote websites encouraging hundreds of confusing quotes. HELP!

Recently, this has been a hot topic again with a lot of online marketing. Here is a discussion that we're having with our customers, but many. Many competitors are not. Things like, do you use all your power at night? Highly unlikely.

Can you shift your load even if you do? Very easily!

We have entered the area of lifestyle around solar usage times. This isn't going away, and will only get worse as the years go on. There is no way around this! Power is a resource that will become increasingly fought over and rationed in the years to come. Hopefully, that doesn't affect us too drastically in the next few years, but either way now is the time to learn how to work with your solar.

But how and why should we do this? Well, firstly, you need to use your major appliances during the day. Washing machines for clothes and dishes all have timers and smart apps these days. So, even if you are not at home, they can still be operated remotely. Along with pools, hot water systems, and items like dryers and aircon, this is usually around 80% or more of your usage! Pools and hot water are easy fixes with inexpensive timers and can maximize your savings.

Now many will tell you to simply buy a battery. However, for most customers we speak to, the extra expense is simply just too much to justify. Yes, batteries are great, but they are also expensive and we feel that many consumers are being oversold to inflate solar companies' egos when talking among each other! No, cheap systems from overseas companies are not the answer, but you don't have to go into financial ruin either just to power your home. Switching loads takes a little more effort yes. But, even with a battery, it's the way of the future and should be spoken about far more with consumers, rather than just wowing everyone with new tech and fancy marketing which is very, very common at the moment.

Remember that no matter our lifestyle now, we all will have to work with energy when it's available in the future, and doing so will drastically change your living expenses moving forward.

We hope we've helped some here on their solar journey right now. Stay sunny out there everybody.

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