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A Tradesman is Only as Good as Their Ability to Deal With Mistakes

Solar ain't easy. It's a combination of multiple factors, and it's easy to have an off day for an installation team, and, the results can be nothing short of catastrophic!

One example. A customer of ours was installed by a company we worked with. As a team, we'd worked with this company for many years, and thought we could totally trust them. They were a good business, with directors who seemed to care, and generally speaking, always did a great job.

Until one day, at the end of a long week, the boys were tired and their brains went out the window. And, let's face it, that happens to us all every now and then. Human error is very real. Result? A leaky roof which was hard to spot, and wasn't picked up on until nearly 12 months later. Mould had taken hold, and thousands of dollars of damage had been done.

Rather than take responsibility like we thought they would, the company put its heads in the sand. A trait which, unfortunately, isn't uncommon sometimes in the Australian trade industry (lots).

At our own expense, we fixed the customer's home and dealt with the tradesman behind the scenes. And as we should have. It was our fault! As the customer said to us, this is where we stood out from our competitors. Good old-fashioned customer service, and actually addressing any issue which arises!

So, next time you're looking for a tradesman, in any industry, don't ask them how good they are. Instead, ask them what's the biggest stuff up they ever had to fix, and take notice of how they handle the question. At the end of the day, it's only when things go wrong will you see who you are truly dealing with!

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